Earth conscious, eco store & refillery in Parksville BC.

Kitchen Essentials

We have a large assortment of plastic free, reusable and compostable kitchen items.

Essential Oils

100% Pure Essential Oils and Blends

Bath & Body

Simple swaps for a plastic free bathroom

On the Go

From litterless lunches to Plastic Free shopping we have you covered for all your Zero Waste adventures.

Baby + Child

Natural, organic, plastic free baby essentials


Home products to create a calming wholesome space.

Personal Care Products

At Shades of Green, we take pride in offering high-quality natural skin care and body products that are safe, effective and good for both you and the environment.


We carry a wide variety of Natural Fibre and Sustainably Made Clothing

Green Cleaning

You don’t need harmful chemicals to get your home clean. We have a huge selection of natural cleaners that work just as well ( actually better ) than conventional cleaners. Exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals can have many adverse affects on your health and the planet. Switching to non toxic, biodegradable and refillable products is a great way to reduce waste and create a safer atmosphere in your home.


Bring in your own clean jars, containers or bottles for refilling. We have an assortment or containers and jars available for purchase as well but we love seeing you reuse what you have at home already.


We will TARE the weight of your container and one of staff members will fill your container for you. We then re weigh the filled container and you pay for the amount that is filled up.

All of our refill products are made in Canada with natural, non toxic ingredients. All products are septic safe and use only essential oils for scent (no synthetic fragrances) We also have lots of Unscented options as well.

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About Us

Corrie Leigh Smith

store owner

Welcome to Shades of Green, I’m so glad you’re here! 

When I opened the store in 2009 there wasn’t many options for sustainable, earth friendly products in our community. It was a bit hard at first to source these kinds of products but now with so many people getting on board with the Zero waste movement there’s so much more available. We love to support Local and Canadian Made products as much as possible but when we do source products made outside of North America we make sure they are Made responsibly in Fair Trade practices. 

Thank you for visiting the shop and wherever you are on your earth loving journey we are here to help. Small changes everyday can make a big impact. 



117 Craig St. Parksville BC

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